Specialised Floor Coatings

We are proud of our entry and continued growth in the specialised flooring space. Our supplier of specialised floor coatings is an industry leader who has been in business since 1997. They have grown their research and development to offer world class products that are durable, competitively priced for both commercial and domestic clients They offer us continued training and support on product applications and handling.  Our floor coatings include:

  • Cementitious primers and sealers
  • Epoxies to suit various floor requirements and uses
  • Polyutherane coatings for various floor requirements and uses
  • Polyaspartic coatings which are rapid setting offering abrasion resistance, are self-levelling, chemical resistance and UV stability
  • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) systems
  • Bona wood floor coatings

Specialised Waterproofing

Concrete and masonry substrates are highly susceptible to water. The noticeable compromises to buildings by water are largely due to poor workmanship, water condensation, poor drainage, building orientation. We have a team who are specialists in the use of high-tech waterproofing products to give your buildings longer life and retain its aesthetics. We use the following products which have been developed through years of research and development for the African environments.

  • LeakSeal Cementitious Waterproofing is a highly flexible waterproofing membrane with a high tensile strength. It has good adhesion to the substrate, high crack bridging capability and can be applied to wet and profiled substrates. LeakSeal is free from foramaldehyde, APEO and has a low VOC content
  • PlastiSeal MMA Waterproofing systems. They are used for terraces, patios, verandas and roof decks.
  • PlastiSeal vehicular Waterproofing system which cure within 1 hour even under -30 degrees Celscius, are self-levelling, seamless, moisture resistant, smooth and anti-slip among other commendable properties
  • PUD700 Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane Systems highly recommended for roofs. They are seamless, environmentally friendly and have700% elongation. They are excellent for balconies, terraces, verandas, flat and pitched roofs, roof gardens, gutters, wet areas under tile in bathrooms, kitchens, and industrial foam and insulation.
  • Torch on systems for flat and pitched roofs

Specialised Architectural & Decorative Wall Coatings

Our coatings team has among them 30 years of coatings applications experience. We offer coatings applications to domestic, industrial and commercial clients. The use of Low VOC, water based paints that are free from formaldehyde, lead and APEO enables our clients to enjoy environmentally friendly living and working spaces. The team are specialists to meet the needs of our following diverse range of clients:

  • Property developers
  • Property managers
  • Domestic clients
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Retail supermarket chains
  • Commercial warehouses

We use among others the following paints for the above clients:

  • SpecCryl which is a 100% pure acrylic water based paint for interior and exterior wall coatings. This paint repels water, protects against pollutants, is resistant to fungus and mould and has high cover. Its is available in 6 finishes namely 5% Flatmatt; 10% Matt; 15% Low Sheen; 20% Velvet Sheet; 5% Fine Matt and 55 Coarse Matt.
  • Specsil Silicone Resin Paints which keep facades dry, offer long term attractive appearance in the harshest weather conditions. The Specsil paints are highly resistant to water, tintable, highly resistant to pollutants, easy to wash, and are highly resistant to pollutants
  • SpecMasonry Paint SB which used to coat concrete plaster, brick and fibre cement substrates. This paint is insensitive to humidity, allows water vapor to permeate, is resistant to fungus and algae, tintable and is rain proof after 20 minutes of application
  • SpecElastic Façade which bridges cracks, provides a low sheen finish, weather resistant façade and roof coating. The paint allows a 250% elongation, is UV stable, tintable, waterproof and resistant to dirt pick-up

Building Renovations and Remodelling

  • Many of our clients are preferring to renovate or re-model their old buildings into a style of their choice.
  • We work with commercial clients who renovate the old warehouses and offices to upgrade them to look and feel like today’s modern buildings
  • Our teams are able to deliver on space management expectations, giving the building modern aesthetics with natural lighting and heating.
  • Our tillers are experienced to work on any type and size of tiles to enhance the building’s look and feel that the client expects
  • We also specialise in bathroom and kitchen renovations

We partner with you our valued clients to build awesome buildings