On-Point Construction

At On-Point Construction, founded in 2013, our strong focus on the needs of our clients is the reason why we continue to grow our business. We work hand-in-glove with our clients to provide them with tailor-made solutions. Our professional team of trade tested and qualified artisans work to deliver client projects on time within budget.


Specialised Floor Coatings

We are proud of our entry and continued growth in the specialised flooring space. Our supplier of specialised floor coatings is an industry leader who has been in business since 1997.

Specialised Architectural & Decorative Wall Coatings

Our coatings team has among them 30 years of coatings applications experience. We offer coatings applications to domestic, industrial and commercial clients.

Specialised Waterproofing

Concrete and masonry substrates are highly susceptible to water. The noticeable compromises to buildings by water are largely due to poor workmanship, water condensation, poor drainage, building orientation.

Building Renovations and Remodelling

Many of our clients are preferring to renovate or re-model their old buildings into a style of their choice.